Video Marketing Tips|My Journey With YouTube

Video Marketing Tips, My Journey With YouTube

I started my journey with YouTube when I uploaded my first live video for video testimonial in December 2011. Then, I created video series “Fear in Business” in year 2012 for free offer on my website.  I also recorded the video from YouTube and I used Camtasia for video editing for the first time. In 2013, I decided to outgrow from YouTube and webcam and I purchased my first video camera in year 2013. I learned how to shoot with video camera and I joined the 21-day video challenge in year 2013. Then, I had the opportunity in year 2014 to join two video challenges, branded video challenge and  60-day video challenge. I built my personal brand and I created YouTube Video Marketing Workshop. I grow through the video challenge and I love using YouTube. If you’re building your business online, I would recommend YouTube as your marketing platform.

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