What I have learned from The Video Challenge

Today is the end of branded video revolution challenge part 2. This is the second time I have joined the video challenge. I have created 12 new brand videos in six weeks. I had a leg injury after week 1, but I decided to keep going with the challenge. I also used additional lighting after week 8. Was it hard to produce two videos per week? It wasn’t at all. So, creating two videos per week is doable for everyone.

 What I learned from the video challenge:

  •  I received feedback that I had take a close-up video.
  •  The spirit of competition kept me going.
  •  I learned various video presentation skills and techniques.
  •  We encouraged and gave each other feedback.

Thank you to Natasha, the chief of branded group who created the branded video revolution challenge and keep us making progress through the challenge. To all members of branded group, thank you.

The good thing about having a challenge within the community is you have support and real feedback. They tell you what and how you can improve.


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