What is Attraction Marketing?

With the Internet, technology and social media, there is a revolution in marketing. Attraction marketing is a powerful marketing concept to attract potential customers online, and you can automate your business. We don’t want to chase people down the road, and we certainly hate to be rejected by people. Attraction marketing online is non-aggressive way to market our business.  What are the important aspects in attraction marketing?

1. Personal Branding

Don’t be afraid to tell people who you are. Explore what you have and what is unique about you. You need to build your image to be the person you want to become and brand yourself. Share your opinion and let people know you.

2. Niche

You certainly don’t want to target everyone. Explore what is your expertise, monetize it and figure out your ideal customer. You only target a certain segment of the market who really need your product or service. Find out what is their problem and how you can package your solution to them.

3. Leadership

In business, you need to take leader role so people will trust you. You can start with self-leadership. Lead and manage yourself well so people will follow you and believe in you. Leaders are perceived as someone  with knowledge, so you need to acquire more skills and develop yourself from time to time.

You can watch the video “what is attraction marketing?”


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