What is The Language of Leadership in The New Economy?


Someone told me, “We will make you a leader. We have a new opportunity.”

Leadership is not transferable.

The leadership has changed as we are now in the new economy.

The new economy is the economy based on the Internet and technology.

The leadership in the new economy is no longer about authority and power.

With the Internet, technology and social media, leadership is a matter of influence.

Everyone has the opportunity to influence people.

Express your ideas and opinions.

Write more and speak more.

What is the language of leadership in the new economy?

  • It is compassion and empathy.
  • The act of service.

Using this language certainly attracts people.

How can you serve people using the Internet and technology?

Give FREE OFFER on your website or give FREE WEBINAR/FREE WORKSHOP.  If you are interested with my free workshops, you can sign up for Product Creation and 3 Secrets in Video Marketing.

Share your tips and expertise in your free offer.  Show your values.

Be a heart-centered Entrepreneurs and connect to your heart  so you can show compassion and empathy naturally.

Let people come to you and be interested in your products or services instead of chasing people.

Even if you don’t have power and money, you can be a leader of influence. Follow the right leaders and connect with them!









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