What is Your Self Worth?

I’m sharing tips for entrepreneurs, what is your self worth? In order to make money, you need to know your self worth. How do you want to measure your self worth? When you give away your service or your time for your client or customer, your service and your time have value.

Here is the example, how I measure my self worth. I tried to improve my coaching level so I can improve my self worth.

What is your self worth

What is your self worth

Your can create value for your product or service. My favourite is information product. Everyone has information and your information or knowledge is different from everyone else. The way you process information is unique too. We need to turn information into information product so it has value. We need packaging to turn from information into information product. There are many forms of packagings such as ebook, book, consultation or coaching session, video tutorials, private access to training website.

By knowing your self worth, you will be confident to charge your client or customer for your product or service.



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