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What Stands Between YOU and Your Goals

It’s almost the end of year 2018 and if you are among 3% of people who set their goals and expectations for year 2019, congratulations! 🙂
We all know that SMART GOAL is the most popular tool that can help people set goals more achievable and timely. However, in the process of achieving goals, there are some stumbling blocks standing between you and your goals. Stumbling blocks can hinder or take us away from our goals. I usually observe them from my own experiences and also from clients whom I coach. Here are the list of most common stumbling blocks which stand between you and your goals.

Stress 😥
Stress can be your friend or stress can be your foe. Stress can cause your cortisol to increase in your body. Good stress can be used to make a change or to stretch your capability and potentials. Eustress is the useful type of stress that can motivate you, optimize your life, energize you and propel you forward. While distress is the reaction to stress that overwhelms you, paralyzes you, and stifles your thinking and actions. So, you need to lean on good stress and manage your stress so it doesn’t hinder yourself from achieving your goals.

Forgiveness & Letting go 😡
Do you have resentment or anger to someone or even to yourself until you don’t want to forgive. Maybe, you made mistakes and failed in the past and you never forgive yourself. Letting go the unfavorable past and forgive yourself and others will bring peace to yourself. I myself also made mistakes and failures in the past.  The most important is I’m willing to let go and get up again.  By forgiving others and letting go unfavorable things, you open the door for new opportunities and abundance to come to you.

Limiting Beliefs 🙁
What stops you from taking actions and achieving your goals? Do you have fear and feeling “not good enough”? These kinds of feeling are known as limiting beliefs. If you aren’t competent yet, you must be willing to learn and practice to do what’s hard or what you fear. Being aware of it and be willing to work on your limiting beliefs will shift your limiting belief gradually and help you stretch your capacity and unlock your potentials.

Distractions 😕
Most of distractions are external factors and also peer pressure. The types of distractions are not only watching tv too much, checking emails or social media too often but also the invitation from your friends to sign up this and that, and also opportunities out there which aren’t beneficial to your goals. They will distract you and take you away from your goals. Many hype opportunities are unlikely to be true but a lot of people join in and you’ll likely to join in because of peer pressure. You don’t want to miss the opportunity because other people join too. At the end, you will regret if you do something not based on your passion and your values. Learning to say NO is the key to eliminate the distractions from outside to be more focused on your goals.

Eliminating or managing these stumbling blocks are important so we can be more focused on what’s important for us, our goals. There are times when I got distracted or sidetracked, and I got help from my support network and coaching too. Even I’m a coach, I still enjoy receiving coaching.

After all, goals are not just about results. Setting goals is the process of shaping you: change your habits, change your behaviours in the process of achieving it. The result will be “You become a better person.”

So, remember these four hidden stumbling blocks that stand between you and your goals!


Hello, I'm Viviana, working with small business owners and individuals who want to create a fulfilling business or a career by monetizing your passion, purpose and personal values. Believe in yourself to create the perfect lifestyle in life and business you want to have and expand your capacity.