Working Hard vs Working Smart

It is not too early to give a financial advice to kids. Kids will remember the message well if you convey your messages in story. I remembered that my parents financial advice was BE A SAVER. SAVE MORE, he said. So,he bought me a piggy bank to save money. When the piggy bank was full then we went to the bank to deposit the money. Though SAVE MORE is still relevant but I think that SAVERS are not always safe. You need to downgrade the quality of your life. How low can you go low by saving? It may be best to teach kids about working smart than working hard. The video below is Pipe Line  Story of Pablo and Bruno.

I hope that you enjoy the video and get the message that you can pass on  to your kids.  If you have a full time job, it doesn’t mean that you’re financially secured. I know that employee’s  mindset is security.  They often think that their full-time job offers security. Imagine if you can’t work any longer, you will stop generating income.  If you are still healthy and have a full time job, maybe you can start thinking how to work smart and how to generate passive income that offers a financial security for the future.  Fill the form on the right bar if you are interested to find out how to build an online business that generates passive income.


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