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The ABC strategy for Growth Mindset and Personal Brand

In the midst of complexity of building and marketing your business online, all solo entrepreneurs face challenges.

What makes you persist and not give up? It’s likely that you cultivate growth mindset.

What makes you different from others?

Your persona and personal brand gives a uniqueness to attract your targeted audience.

I will share this simple ABC which I believe to contribute for growth mindset and personal brand.

Transformation, How Does It Literally Happen?

I recently watched Disney movie “Aladdin”. I like watching Disney movie because I like magic and I believe in magic. Do you believe in magic too? I felt like I was transported to another world when I watched the movie wholeheartedly. I enjoy the magical animated movie, the singing and the story. And I find that in every fairy tale, there’s a story of transformation.

Today I’m going to share the four sets of questions, how transformation actually happens. These four sets of questions shared by mentor coach Matthew George Rajiv.

How to Navigate Through Change in the 21st Century

Do you notice CHANGE, CHANGE and CHANGE around us? Do you embrace CHANGE or do you just ignore it?

If we refuse CHANGE, we will be dysfunctional in our daily experiences because we don’t know what’s happening and what people are talking about.

Take a look at CHANGES around us:

Internet banking replaces traditional banking

E-commerce replaces traditional retail

E-learning replaces classroom learning.

Internet marketing replaces traditional marketing

E-book replaces physical book.

E-entertainment replaces television and cinema.

For most of us, we are born and educated in the twentieth century (year 1900 to year 2000), and the world we live and work today is in the twenty-first century (year 2001 to year 2100). There is a force of change in every aspect of our lives. Twenty first century marks the Information and Technology era. Technology revolutionizes almost all industries. We’re drawn into increasing complexity and diversity in our lives. The world looks unpredictable, unstable and there’s crisis everywhere.

Learn More About Your Bird Personality

Do you believe that our personality plays a role in the way we think, behave and do things?

Some like to be in control, to be in charge, pay attention to structure and rules. Some are easygoing, warm, flexible and just enjoy the present moment. Arguments or conflicts are often caused by differences in our personalities. In order to live in harmony, we need to accept, understand and respect them. While learning our personality gives insight about ourselves and maybe we can work to improve our weaknesses while relying on our strengths.

Recently, I stumble upon DOPE – find your bird personality today created by Richard M Stephanson. DOPE stands for Dove, Owl, Peacock and Eagle. I find it interesting that human personality resembles bird personality.

How to Monetize Your Passion and Purpose Using The Internet


I would rather die of passion than of boredom – Vincent Van Gogh

Why are passion and purpose important in building your business or career?

PASSION was never mentioned at all when I learned Internet marketing or started my online store. I took a look at the trend of what others did, learned, copied and even duplicated them. I finally realized that making money based on duplication didn’t feel good for me. I felt lost.

Being a coach consultant, I rely on my skills on Internet Marketing and my passion on personal development, I feel like my purpose is to help small business owners build their business with joy by aligning their passion and purpose in their business and their online marketing system. We have the intention to build a business or a career which brings fulfilment and happiness into our life. Working with joy in our business or career is like an expression of living to our fullest potentials.

Just imagine if you are going for a long journey to achieve your dreams or goals, what do you need to take with you so you can be motivated to move forward?

Love Affair in Marketing and in Business

How can the energy of love help you in marketing and growing your business?

I recommend you to read the ten scrolls from the book The Greatest Salesman in the World by Ong Madino. Here are the catchy phrases from scroll number 2 in the book which captured the essence of Love.

I will greet this day with love in my heart.

With love, I will increase my sales a hundred-fold and become a great salesman. If I have no other qualities, I can succeed with love alone. Without it I will fail though I possess all the knowledge and skills of the world.

Finding Your Light, Finding Your Purpose

Lanterns or light are often used in Asian cultures and religions, they surely have a spiritual and philosophical meaning for life. Light is like the source of life, and we need it to keep us alive and make life meaningful.

Bright red lanterns come in all kinds of sizes are such delight to see during Chinese New Year festival. People rejoice over these lanterns as they bring a sense of happiness and a promising bountiful new year.

Each of us has light inside of us. We need to take care of it so it’s shining brightly within us, and we also can shine for others when we are stronger.

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