Empower your Faith, build Resilience and THRIVE in Midlife.

Women aged 40 or older (Women in midlife) have a unique opportunity during midlife to repurpose their lives and explore new paths. As you navigate this transition, questions about identity and career path may arise, leading you to seek out fresh passions and search for purpose.  As we mature, achieving fulfillment in both work and personal life requires honing our self-awareness, connecting to our hearts and God, and realizing our full potential.

How can I help you?

I'm Viviana, I support women like you to reconnect with your passion and purpose, and reinvent your life and career/work. I offer 1 to 1 personal life coaching. 

It is never too late to pursue your creative life

and be prepared to go for it to fulfill your dreams

Viviana Andrew | Coach Consultant

3 Steps to Live A Life You Love

Step 1. Self-Discovery. Get to know your personality, strengths and weaknesses, personal values, passion and purpose and build your positive character strengths. 

Step 2. Build Resilience through self-care. Self-care is self-love too. When your well-being is taken care, you have the energy and mental fitness to conquer difficulties. 

Step 3. Be Your Own Sunshine.  Align your work with your passion and purpose. You will find your own sunshine (your authentic self)

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My Story

Viviana Andrew

Life and leadership COACH 

Viviana is a holistic coach with Internet marketing skills and a passion for personal growth and spirituality.  She has been on a solo entrepreneurship journey for about 10 years with past successes in affiliate marketing and blogging.  Having experienced burnout and seeing success in one dimension, she believes that a holistic approach is a healthy way to grow oneself and develop your career path or business. She's an ICF (International Coach Federation) Professional Certified Coach and works as a Leadership coach.   Read more

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My Testimonials

Viviana is a STAR coach, consultant and virtual assistant. Her intuition combined with her technical expertise on internet marketing make for a unique combination.. She has been helping me bring my ideas into reality by helping me implement the various steps to reach my goals. Video editing, websites, e-books, facebook ads and more are all delivered in a smart and personal way. The personal way is the way she mirrors where her client is and the best to manifest what she/he wants to project. Quite often she is one step ahead of where I want to go. Viviana thank you so much for helping me turn my dreams into reality!

Susanna Terry, UK, Holistic health practitioner, homeopath and therapists’ trainer, lightouch.co.uk

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