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Grow Your Business Online with 10-Step Strategies 

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Viviana is a STAR coach, consultant and virtual assistant. Her intuition combined with her technical expertise on internet marketing make for a unique combination.. She has been helping me bring my ideas into reality by helping me implement the various steps to reach my goals. Video editing, websites, e-books, facebook ads and more are all delivered in a smart and personal way. The personal way is the way she mirrors where her client is and the best to manifest what she/he wants to project. Quite often she is one step ahead of where I want to go. Viviana thank you so much for helping me turn my dreams into reality!

Susanna Terry, UK, Holistic health practitioner, homeopath and therapists’ trainer,

I believe that...

Expanding a business online is must-have in this information economy. Building an automated online business which integrates your passion and purpose will enable you to generate continuous income streams and attract the right clients/customers.

Why build your business online?

Why your passion matters?

Why purpose matters?

Do you want to attract ideal clients?

Do you need clarity and balance? 

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Viviana provides life  and business coaching for individual and solo business owners as well as to those who are in transition to seek a change in career or business. 

Website Design

In the era of Internet and technology, you have an equal opportunity to succeed. A website is like the heart of your business. I design a personal branding website with blog.

Product Creation

Turn your information into information product. I have created several information products. If you need help to create information product, I'm ready to help you step by step through consultation.


Viviana is a life and business coach with international coaching and consulting experience. Besides coaching and consulting, she also builds websites and marketing funnels for entrepreneurs and small business owners.