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Cultivating Wisdom for Solopreneurs and Small Businesses

What resources do we need to navigate life and work tactfully?

We have never had a lack of information in this digital age, and somehow we are overwhelmed with abundant information available.

Strategies can change from time to time, and external strategies don’t always work for everyone. Each person has different experiences, backgrounds and preferences.

What if we need  is cultivating wisdom, wisdom is timeless and it attaches to deeper meaning and purpose.

Where can we find wisdom?

Inner wisdom

We can find wisdom within ourselves. Good examples of inner wisdom:

Asking a reflective question can be a good start to find the wisdom within.
I wonder about….
What am I curious about?
What will be other perspectives?
How can I think differently?

Exercising the five pillars of Ikigai: starting small, releasing yourself, harmony and sustainability, the joy of little things, and being in the here and now. By practicing the pillars of Ikigai to live with purpose, you can find the inner wisdom by being engaged and being present in what you do.

We also can find inner wisdom by strengthening our personal character strengths in wisdom virtues such as love of learning, curiosity, creativity, expanding perspective, and judgments. These character strengths and virtues  are from the work of Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligma in Positive Psychology.

Wisdom from others
We can learn wisdom from other people whom we see as a role model. Therefore we read books, learn collective thoughts from others and even movies can inspire us. I see a leader as someone who carries wisdom in their acts. In business and entrepreneurship, it’s important that we learn leadership skills, to lead ourselves and others. From the recent Netflix movie, I like the story of Spotify,  the startup company, and how they built and market the company, there’s a story of conflict relationships inside.

As you are growing your business, you can ask yourself:

  • How can I incorporate wisdom in growing my personal character and in my goals?
  • What wisdom do I learn from others?


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