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Personal Growth | Become The Best Tree You Can Be

Take a moment to embrace who you are.
Connect with your breath:

I am special
I am unique in my strengths, weaknesses, and in my physical characteristics
I am at peace with who I am

No trees look the same even if they look similar.
Some trees grow as strong and tall as they can.
Climbing plants that may look weak yet resilient, and surprisingly they can grow as long as they can.
They grow beautifully in their own way.

Be happy with who you are????
You look beautiful with all you have.
Because you are here for a different purpose than others.

How to become the best tree you can be
The answer is going inward, to develop yourself.

    1. Self- Discovery journey
      The self-discovery journey is about self-awareness of who you are
      What is your personality like? You can take a personality test or ask feedback from people you know and trust. Make a list of your good and bad qualities. Acknowledge both, keep the good ones and work to improve the bad ones. Cultivate some positive characters to enhance your personality.
      Personal values. Reflect on your life experiences and your life history, what you love/like and what you dislike/hate. Getting clear on your values will guide you in the direction of your life Ask yourself a question: Does what I am doing now reflect my value?
    2. Reconnect with your passion and purpose
      Passion – What gives you joy in what you are doing?
      Purpose – Connect what you are doing with the WHY. What is your calling, what does the world need you?
      Passion often gives the feeling of joy and purpose gives the feeling of pride or fulfillment, a contribution, what we do benefits others.
    3. Your Well-Being.
      Remember to nourish yourself. All living things need nourishment. You can function and perform well if you’re physically, emotionally, and mentally fit. Having a healthy good relationship can contribute to your well-being too.
    4. Believe in Your Dreams
      Your dreams are sacred. Believe in your dreams and have some creative visualization. As long as you are clear about what you want, you will figure out the HOW parts along the way, you may need resources and support from others too. Giving yourself space and time to connect with your soul. Take time to connect with nature and some creative activities may help you give birth to ideas and solutions.

To produce the best results is to become the best tree you can be.
Leaves, flowers, and fruits are the result coming from the tree.
If you are growing to be the best tree, your results will follow. Be patient too!
Today, many people walk on the path of working independently or entrepreneurship path, providing products or services.
Remember to grow yourself to be the best tree you can be. ????

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