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Uplift Your Life and Business, looking beyond the problem

This picture is from a lantern festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand. People lit the lanterns to send their hope and wishes into the universe.

Are you living with a baggage of unresolved problems in your mind?
If you keep overthinking your problems, it will impact your mood, your performance, your relationship, your life, and your business.

How can we live and work with ease with challenges?
Uplift is the way to look beyond problems.

I am not the problem
It is important to separate ourselves from the problem, so we don’t become the victim of the problem, to blame, or to judge ourselves for the problem that happened to us.

Play visualization around the problem
It’s kind of fun to look at the problem in various different ways. Imagine if you can float yourself going up like a lantern or a balloon, what do you feel? Do you feel yourself expanding, with more space & quietness in the air? Do you view the problem from a different perspective? Does the problem look small?
It can also work in a different way. What if you float the problem up in the sky, do you feel you’re letting go of the baggage of holding the problem for a while? Do you find relief? I have seen people use metaphors or images to look at their problem visually, and this helps them understand and learn about their problem and get clarity around it.

Cultivate Positive Character Strengths
I like these positive character strengths: forgiveness, kindness, gratitude, and hope. People often forget that practicing forgiveness and kindness can help them not be hard on themselves, neutralize negative feelings, and replace them with a feeling of ease. Appreciate what you can do at the moment and send your hope, I hope all is well in my world.

Are you ready to uplift yourself? What image do you hold in your mind? Be creative, be curious, and find the wisdom that’s available within you.
I hope……to lift your spirit, open to curiosity and possibility to attract solutions.
Uplift is to celebrate yourself, to remind yourself that you are bigger than your problem.

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