Reconnect Your Passion 

and build your dreams in your midlife journey.

This program is for YOU, midlife women 40+ who want to discover what matters to your hearts, and to rediscover yourself and fulfill your dreams.

 What You Will Benefit from This Program


Self-care and live a balanced life are important in  midlife.

Support and Accountability

Getting support and accountability will help you move forward. 

Dreams and Goals

Discover your dreams and setting goals, to manifest into your project

Positive Change

Experience positive change in your life as you discover about yourself

“The purpose of life is not doing more, the purpose of life is being more, seeking meanings and to fulfill our highest, truest expression of ourselves as human beings

  Midlife Journey Holistic Program

are you ready to journey together to pursue your passion and dreams?

What you will receive:

Twelve one-to-one one-hour coaching/training sessions 

with tips and best practices, support and accountability during the program

Stage 1: Self-Rediscovery

Self-awareness about  archetype, your passion and purpose

Stage 2: Self-care

Explore your well-being and build a good morning routine 

Stage 3: Dreams and Goals

Integrating self-discovery into setting your goals

Stage 4: Building Your Dream Project

You will build the prototype of your project using free website and one mobile mini website. 


I'm ready to make a commitment to pursue my dreams.   Completion: 4 to 8 months. 

You can choose weekly or biweekly programs

What Others Say


I have become more aware of the phase that I am currently experiencing. I can better define my purpose in life. I can learn more about reflecting on what I've done and what I want to pursue.


Viviana’s coaching really helped me with different issues I used to have .  I became more efficient in defining my actions everytime I have a situation where I don’t move forward.


Viviana is a patient coach who listened carefully and helped me create a good space for reflection. She is relaxed and fun to work with.

Work with

ICF Professional Certified Coach

I'm ready to travel together with you in midlife journey, to assist you in reconnecting your passion within, to support you  in the pursuit of  growth and fulfillment, and to embark on a new purposeful and meaningful life. 

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Holistic Goals

Design Holistic Goals aligned with your soul-purpose

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