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What Stands Between YOU and Your Goals

It’s almost the end of year 2018 and if you are among 3% of people who set their goals and expectations for year 2019, congratulations! 🙂
We all know that SMART GOAL is the most popular tool that can help people set goals more achievable and timely. However, in the process of achieving goals, there are some stumbling blocks standing between you and your goals. Stumbling blocks can hinder or take us away from our goals. I usually observe them from my own experiences and also from clients whom I coach. Here are the list of most common stumbling blocks which stand between you and your goals.

Goal Setting Tips | Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

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Have you seen the iceberg? 80% of iceberg are hidden beneath the water. Our limiting belief is invisible and hidden like the iceberg. How did we acquire our limiting beliefs? We had them from our experiences, dealing with people. When someone hurt you, and you took the heartache and believed that it was your fault, and you had to hide it. This heartache can grow into a limiting belief, and you stop yourself from taking actions because this limiting belief limits you.

When I started to explore Internet Marketing, I had limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs came from the heartache that I had when I was young. I doubted myself if I could do it, I didn’t have the self-confidence in writing and speaking English. I learned to overcome my limiting beliefs by talking to a coach. When I talked about it, it brought my awareness. I had less fear too. I join Toastmasters to challenge my limiting belief of speaking.  I do make mistakes in my video or my writing, but I keep going.  Now, I speak English to native speakers using online platform week after week with my role as a consultant, a coach or a virtual assistant.

So, I would encourage you to discuss limiting beliefs you have with the person you trust or a coach. Challenge them and let them go gradually, so you can achieve your goals in the year 2016. Be happy and you deserve to have abundance in life. Watch my video goal setting tips, overcoming limiting beliefs above to learn more.


2016 Goal Setting Tips, How to Connect With Your Goals Emotionally

A goal is more than a statement. Let’s dig deeper into your goal by asking questions so you can connect with your goal emotionally.  When you intensify your feeling, you have more intention and focus to make your goals happen.  I have given examples some powerful coaching questions in the video of goal setting tips. I would encourage you to dig deeper into your goals with a partner or a coach so you can connect with your goals emotionally. I wish you success for your goals in year 2016!

2016 Goal Setting| Revisit Your Goals

Time flies, we’re going to leave year 2015 and to welcome year 2016 soon.
It’s time to revisit and re-evaluate your goals again.
Discuss your goals with your accountability partner or your preferred coach or the person you trust.
When you discuss your goals, you have the intention to make them happen.
Do you quantify your goals? What projects do you want to complete or to finish? And when is the deadline?
Or do you want to improve the qualities of your life?
You want to be happier, more confident, more loving etc.
Goal setting process is not just chasing the outcome or results, but the process in achieving your outcome is a life changing process. You may change your habits, improve your skills, change your thoughts and feeling.

So, I would like to invite you to set your goals to plan your life in year 2016.

Don’t Give Up On Your Dream

Tips for entrepreneurs, don’t give up on your dream.  I believe that you have a dream, maybe you want to keep your dream secretly because none around you believe about your dream. I understand that, because I don’t share  my dream easily too with anyone. Watch my sharing about my dream and obstacle:


So, if you have a dream, don’t give up your dream. Find the right community and get support. I would recommend you to hire a coach so you can get help to take actions for your dream. The difference between legitimate dream and illegitimate dream. When you take action for your dream, your dream is legitimate. Use goal setting as a tool to achieve your dream. Click here to get goal setting tips.

Making The Change With Goal Setting Strategies

What does it cost you if you don’t change?

I believe that most of you would like to change, but maybe you don’t know how or you resist to change unintentionally. It seems that you lose nothing if you don’t want to change. You don’t waste your time, you don’t lose your money and you don’t waste your energy. But, the world is changing and life is getting more challenging today. The only way to survive is by changing ourselves. In the book, who moved my cheese explains that the world change you if you resist to change.

Making The Change With Goal Setting Strategies

I change too to become a better person. Previously, I was just a stay at home. I was not a savvy mom.  I forced myself to change and I made sacrifices. Sometimes I didn’t know the whole path.  I didn’t give up.

Today, my daughter said that my mummy is a computer master. Yes, I’m a certified coach and online business consultant. I’m glad that I join the community of like-minded people and I have the support.

So, what is the magic wand to make the change easier? I call it goal setting strategies.

So, if you would like to change and you believe in your dreams,  please sign up how to create success with goal setting strategies and I will share with you my secret of 10-step 30-day goal setting process.

Check out my video, Making the change with goal setting strategies:



How to Manage Failure with EARL Technique

Why do people give up their dreams and goals?

One of the reasons could be because they don’t know of how to manage failure. Today, I want to share tips, how to manage failure.  Managing failure is important because we may give up our dreams and goals when we can’t manage our failure.  Break the pattern for moving away from hard feeling  is only for short-term solution.  In order that we learn from our failure and turn it into success, I would suggest EARL technique. EARL technique is used in coaching. E means exhale or relax or calm down our hard feeling. A is assess our situation, like what is the reason we fail. Then, R is reframe. We can reframe any difficult situation into a positive statement. Like Thomas Alva Edison who said: I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Lastly, L is learn.  What do we learn from our failure? Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda said: success is 99% failure. Success can be achieved through repeated failure and introspection. Managing failure is part of goal setting process.

Watch this video below and I hope that you can benefit from my sharing, to apply EARL technique in your goal setting.