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The Most Common Fear in Business for Solo Entrepreneurs, Hate Selling

Hate Selling? You are not alone. I encountered with people who wish to make money online, but they don’t like selling.  If you have this kind of feeling, it means that you have symptoms of fear in business.  It isn’t your fault. We love buying, but we don’t want to be persuaded into buying.

If you are solo entrepreneurs, you should focus on improving marketing and sales skills because they are the heart of your business.  Your profits come from sales.  I find that learning marketing is very helpful and makes sales come easier.  So, my advice is learning marketing first then sales skill comes easy. Relax and enjoy the fun so your fear in business will gradually disappear.

Fear in Business: Trapped in Old Belief?

Many don’t realize what is holding them back comes from their fear in the past.   I did have an old belief that I was not good in selling, or I hate selling. I made a point that I wouldn’t involve myself into selling and marketing. I had rejections in the past.  Would I give up selling and marketing?

If you see the iceberg in the picture, you will see that our subconscious mind (the iceberg part below the surface of the water) is bigger than our conscious mind. Subconscious mind is controlling our habits.

Address and heal our past experience first. Heal our hurt and break the habits in the past. Once you let go of old belief, start replacing with a new belief. Adopt positive affirmation to become your new belief so you will start to acquire new habits.