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Learn to be a Professional Marketer, not a Halfway Marketer

 To succeed in internet business is to be a professional marketer. If you are a solo entrepreneur,  you must be willing to be a professional student of learning. There are so much information and free resources about internet marketing or online marketing and too much information sometimes can drive you nuts. Which information to follow?  In my opinion, FREE RESOURCES may lead to NOWHERE.  Too much information is not good because it confuses you which way to follow. If you think that it is free, it is not. It may cost your time, you learn it in longer time and you may not know if you are on the right track.  Most people just read free information, but they are too lazy to apply it. If you are learning from free resources, you must be self-discipline, learn and apply and set a little goal on what you want to achieve daily or weekly. Looking back 5 years ago, I learned from free resources, reading all information but I didn’t know how to put them into practice.