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What Does It Take to Be A Heart-Centered Entrepreneur?

Why is it important to follow your heart when you build your business?

Love is the powerful energy, and if you put your heart into the business, you will love building your business.

Can you build your business without putting your heart into it?

Yes, you can build it with greed, but it will not last long or you feel that your business is a burden for you.


What does it takes to be a heart-centered Entrepreneur?

Everyone Needs Support System

If you build your business solo or if you are a solo entrepreneur, you need to have a support system.

What is a support system?

Support system is a network of people who can help you.

The kind of support can be emotional support or business-related support.

So, when you encounter challenges, get help from your support system besides trying to solve the problem by yourself, so you will save your time and efforts.

The Most Common Perceptions of Business Fear for Solo Entrepreneurs

What inflicts business fear for newbie solo entrepreneurs? The wrong perceptions about business and the thought of working solo can cause insecurity for some people.  We all want success, not failures.  We all want good things to happen in our business. We all want a smooth journey, not a rough journey.  We can change our perceptions, so we have less fear in business.

When I  looked back at my journey as a solo entrepreneur, I did have business fear.  I’m managing my fear in business from time to time.  I often encounter people asking me the same questions.  These questions happen to be the most common perceptions for their business fear.

Tips for Solo Entrepreneurs, How to Overcome Fear of Starting a Business

For solo entrepreneurs, building a business alone can be frightening. Yes, you have to be headstrong to make the business work. The stumbling block in the beginning could be your emotional fear, fear of starting a business. Hence, I am giving entrepreneurs tips on how to overcome your fear in business.   Free video series training for Fear in Business.

How do you feel when you see successful people on the spotlight? You think that you will follow that path too. When you are actually trying to duplicate their success, it is pretty tough. You may start complaining that you don’t have enough skills, no knowledge, etc. The first thing that you need to do when you set your heart to be a solo entrepreneur is to develop emotional maturity, managing your business fear. Ask yourself if you have any fear of starting a business. Have you seen the iceberg? The 90% of iceberg part is invisible, submerged beneath the water. Your subconscious mind is like 90% of iceberg part. You accumulate past experiences in your subconscious mind, and it controls your actions and behaviors today. How can you change your old benefit or your mindset? You can’t change it overnight, but it will change gradually as you set to acquire a new belief. Here are my tips for solo entrepreneurs, how to deal with fear of starting a business:

The Rise of The New Professional on the Internet|Solo Entrepreneur

Why there is a rise of new professional or solo entrepreneur on the Internet

 Because the time has changed; from industrialization of the 19th century to the digital age or the internet of the 20th century. During the industrial revolution of the 19th century, the manufacturing industries and factories are growing rapidly, and jobs are created. Many left the farm and their village to become workers in big cities. They live in the city to work. Jobs are created with ranks from worker to CEO. In the digital era of the 20th century, people use the Internet and technology to create jobs for themselves. They prefer the freedom to work from home without a boss and fixed working hours. With the concept of financial freedom and the encouragement to be an entrepreneur echoed by Robert T Kiyosaki, many wish to be a solo entrepreneur and to create a job or a business for themselves from home.

Traditional education in the industrialization age was designed to prepare someone for the workplace. They are not ready to educate a person to become an entrepreneur. In the digital era, a new professional is born, and people become independent, dependent upon themselves to work and to create a job or a business that they love doing it. The new professionals such as virtual workers, virtual assistants, business or life coaches or  consultants offer their service and solution tailored to the need of each of their customer. It is getting easier to write and to publish an electronic book at Amazon Kindle and other online publisher platforms. Everyone can create information products and sell them online.

How did they create a new profession?

They created a new profession based on their life experiences, values, skills, interests or hobbies. I created a free training of video series because I had fear and tried to procrastinate things that I feared to do. Creating videos is challenging. I often meet people who wish to build their own business on the Internet, but they have the fear of doing it, and they become demotivated easily. The new professionals are using Internet and social media online to promote their business or career. The location of their business is their website, and they build their online presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They are using webinar or online seminar; they created videos and have their own TV channel via YouTube or other video channels.

The new professional in digital era is a profession which they choose according to what they love doing it and their purpose in life, so they have endless spirit and creativity. The new professional in digital era is unique, because each person is different. They have personality, different interests, so there is no competition because they create a career or business based on what they have, so there is a term of You Inc. Marketing strategy is not about the product or service, but it is rather on personal branding. The new professional as a solo entrepreneur on the Internet is very promising because there is no competition or rivalry, and you are the creator of your own career or business.

Four Steps in Target Marketing Strategies – Not Everyone is a Target

Not everyone is a target even your products or service can benefit everyone. I did make a mistake once, targeting the wrong people. I guess that I neither understood their interest nor I spoke their language. I had lots of resistance from the wrong market segment. There is nothing more important than understanding your target market.

Target marketing is breaking the market into segments and then concentrating your marketing efforts on one or a few key segments.