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Setting Goals with The Christmas Spirit????

Instead of creating your usual New Year’s resolutions, why not intentionally create your goals for 2024 with Christmas Spirit?

Setting goals is not just the outcome that we want to accomplish, it is important to learn from the process that can grow us, build our character strengths, and cultivate positive values and it requires self-awareness and a positive or growth mindset to pursue them. So the purpose of setting goals is to expand our lifeand our capacity as a person.

Create Your Joy Plan

Instead of making a list of New Year’s resolutions, let’s be creative by writing your life story in 2024 that you would love to live in and have the Christmas spirit in your story such as joy, peace, love, patience, faith, and perseverance. You are the author of your story and you are the main character of your story, write a story that will inspire you when you read your story. This year, I created a story of my joy plan. I felt so much fun to write expressing my heart’s desire. You can use a color pen or draw images to evoke the joy feeling. Once you have your joy plan and make a connection to your heart ❤, you can turn your story into a smart goal for execution.

Build Your Character Strengths ????

Remember that you are the main character in your joy plan. So, what kind of character are you playing while you’re executing your plan? What if you face the challenges, what character strengths can help you to be resilient?

Mindfulness ????

Mindfulness can support the execution of your goals. Before the actions and the results comes the awareness, being mindful that you are working for your goals. It’s a subtle intention and observation that you’re aware of making a loving decision day by day towards pursuing what matters to you.

How do you want to approach your goals this year? Do you want to create goals that will center around joy, peace, and love?

Imagine that you are a bright Merry Christmas tree ???? decorated with colorful Christmas ornaments and has a sparkling star at the top, it symbolizes that you deserve to be a joyful and loving person with all your talents and gifts and connect to your soul star, give the positive impact to people around you.

Merry Christmas 2023 and Happy New Year 2024!

Holistic Goals

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