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Six Steps to Build Resilience with Yin Spirit

We are in the 2nd month of 2023 and it’s rabbit year, Valentine’s day was just 2 days ago. Imagine a white rabbit, what a cute and loving animal who loves to play. Compared to the 2022 Tiger year, Tiger is associated with resilience by having a strong mindset and courage. We often associate resilience with being tough, being brave, getting up when you fail, and perseverance.

With the increasing work pressure and increasing expectations for performance, there will be increasing worries, disappointments, and stress among people and we put aside our emotions and mask these emotions undercover. We suffer on the inside, yet we need to appear strong on the outside. Intense stress can lead to addiction, hurting ourselves, or bad habits.

What does resilience mean?
According to the dictionary, resilience means the capacity to overcome or recover quickly from difficulties.
In my definition, resilience includes a strong mentality and emotion and our well-being can support us to be resilient.

How do we approach resilience from a feminine or yin spirit??
Here is a step-by-step approach to building resilience with the yin spirit.

  1. Find out the root cause of what’s bothering you. It’s often coming from the old belief that you carried from childhood and become your inner child. Understanding that you’re holding this belief often gives you relief and clarity of why you behave this way. Then, find a new belief that is more empowering to replace the old one.
  2. Cultivate forgiveness, kindness/self-compassion to build positive character strengths. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and be kind to yourself to let go of any bad memories from accumulating in the head and heart space. Forgiveness and kindness are connected to loving yourself or self-love.
  3. Once your head and heart are light and clear, review your priorities and goals. Resilience doesn’t mean that you need to work hard and endure more workload. Resilience means that you want to be aware of what is important for you and bring work-life balance into your life. Sometimes, you need to say NO and have the courage to ask for help and support.
  4. Indulge yourself in self-care activities to promote your well-being. There are physical, sensory, mental, social, and leisure activities to choose from to enhance your well-being. Bring joy and fun into your life.
  5. If there are things that you can’t control, don’t focus too much on the problem. Take a look at what you can appreciate at that moment and expand your thought into hope, what do you hope for the problem to be resolved?
  6. Get support. Social connection can benefit you. Look for peers network and peers support that can support your interests. Engage an expert such as a counselor, a therapist, or a professional coach if you need help.

So, building resilience doesn’t have to pushing yourself to the edge and sacrificing yourself, you can build resilience with a yin spirit and you can affirm,

I dare to rise
I dare to shine
I’m healthy, happy and strong

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