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5 Signs You Have Fear in Business

fear in businessMany wish to build online business, but many hold themselves to get started.  Alternatively, if they do get started, they are no longer doing anything to build their business. They are not holding themselves accountable for the dream that they have.  What they have is fear in business. Here are 5 signs that you have fear in business.

1. You wait to get started

Many wait to get started because of the following reasons:

I don’t want to lose my money. You need to make sacrifices in order to build your business.  We spend money every day. However, you invest your money to build your business; this is the difference, and you must be accountable that you will work in your business.

I don’t know anything. Every skill can be learned. You are free to choose what skills you want to learn. You will become the Master once you learn and practice the skill until it becomes habit.

The Most Common Perceptions of Business Fear for Solo Entrepreneurs

What inflicts business fear for newbie solo entrepreneurs? The wrong perceptions about business and the thought of working solo can cause insecurity for some people.  We all want success, not failures.  We all want good things to happen in our business. We all want a smooth journey, not a rough journey.  We can change our perceptions, so we have less fear in business.

When I  looked back at my journey as a solo entrepreneur, I did have business fear.  I’m managing my fear in business from time to time.  I often encounter people asking me the same questions.  These questions happen to be the most common perceptions for their business fear.

Tips of Solo entrepreneurs|Find Your Passion to Overcome Fear in Business

Fear comes from our subconscious mind that makes us procrastinate or avoid doing things. When we sow fear, we will not make progress in our life and in our business. How do you overcome your fear in business? The answer is PASSION. Passion is the powerful feeling of love and joy. The power of love or passion can help you manage your fear in business. For solo entrepreneurs, the thought of managing business alone can inflict fear.

For solo entrepreneurs to manage their fear in business is to find the passion. Let’s take an approach, how the power of love or passion can overcome the pain and fear:

The Most Common Fear in Business for Solo Entrepreneurs, Hate Selling

Hate Selling? You are not alone. I encountered with people who wish to make money online, but they don’t like selling.  If you have this kind of feeling, it means that you have symptoms of fear in business.  It isn’t your fault. We love buying, but we don’t want to be persuaded into buying.

If you are solo entrepreneurs, you should focus on improving marketing and sales skills because they are the heart of your business.  Your profits come from sales.  I find that learning marketing is very helpful and makes sales come easier.  So, my advice is learning marketing first then sales skill comes easy. Relax and enjoy the fun so your fear in business will gradually disappear.

Tips for Solo Entrepreneurs, How to Overcome Fear of Starting a Business

For solo entrepreneurs, building a business alone can be frightening. Yes, you have to be headstrong to make the business work. The stumbling block in the beginning could be your emotional fear, fear of starting a business. Hence, I am giving entrepreneurs tips on how to overcome your fear in business.   Free video series training for Fear in Business.

How do you feel when you see successful people on the spotlight? You think that you will follow that path too. When you are actually trying to duplicate their success, it is pretty tough. You may start complaining that you don’t have enough skills, no knowledge, etc. The first thing that you need to do when you set your heart to be a solo entrepreneur is to develop emotional maturity, managing your business fear. Ask yourself if you have any fear of starting a business. Have you seen the iceberg? The 90% of iceberg part is invisible, submerged beneath the water. Your subconscious mind is like 90% of iceberg part. You accumulate past experiences in your subconscious mind, and it controls your actions and behaviors today. How can you change your old benefit or your mindset? You can’t change it overnight, but it will change gradually as you set to acquire a new belief. Here are my tips for solo entrepreneurs, how to deal with fear of starting a business: