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What is Holistic Business Coaching?

What is Holistic Business Coaching?

Holistic business coaching is not only for business owners in the wellness industry, it is meant for solopreneurs and business owners who want to build a business with a holistic approach, to create harmony and balance between your life and your business. Let’s create both possibilities for life and business that you truly desire. 

Why holistic business coaching?

I started holistic business coaching because of the following reasons: 

  • Being in the business rather than doing the business. Building a business is an expression of your highest and truest potentials.
    A holistic business is not just about the wellness industry.
    For solo entrepreneurs, It’s about building the business that includes you as the core of the business. Your passion and purpose are embedded into the business.
    You are not just doing the business.
    You are being in the business.
    Your BEING in the business brings meanings to you and benefits others.
  • Work-life balance. As I’m getting older, I would love to focus on my well-being and have more personal time for learning and pastime. Having a balance in life will keep me alive. I believe that having a work-life balance benefits you and your business too.
  • A broader definition of success encompasses our well-being and personal growth. “When we take care of ourselves, we are more effective, we are more creative, and we are more successful in a broad definition of the word.” – Arianna Huffington The perceived success is measured by fame, power, achievements, and money can cause chaos if we ignore our well-being and sacrifices the relationship.
  • Holistic business coaching focuses on the whole approach, including the individual and the business.  We want to address the problem and find the root cause rather than a quick fix it on the surface.

How holistic business coaching works

I currently choose four frameworks to support solopreneurs or small business owners who want to develop their business with a holistic approach. 

  • Work-life Balance, a work-life balance supports healthy business development. Keeping a work-life balance can reduce stress and prevents burnout. By giving a priority to work-life balance, one can improve their well-being and be creative. 
  • Personal and Professional Development is an ongoing and life-long process which everyone can improve their quality by discovering about themselves, developing their skills, and increasing chance to achieve goals and dreams. 
  • Envisioning. Envisioning means connecting to your higher mind which you can tap into possibilities to empower your mind. The vision that you hold for your business will empower your goals and action plan. 
  • Business Development. Building a sustainable business and creating long-term values for your business should be the strategy. Having Internet Marketing skills, I see that products or services always evolve to meet the customers’ expectations and automation for business is important to free your time and to enhance the customers’ experience. 

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Hello, I'm Viviana. I help Solopreneurs like you harness the strategy and align your life purpose to build your business with a holistic approach. Let's create a life and business that you truly desire

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