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Building the Muscle in Your Personal Brand🌺

A personal brand is like our identity brand. 🌺

If you are solopreneurs offering services, you are your personal brand.

Why does the client choose your service?

It’s not just because they need your service, there are other factors such as your expertise, trust, and likeability.

 A personal brand is not just about the logo, the colors, and the tagline.

Your brand is not a one-time effort,  and you never look at it again.

Your personal brand will evolve as you are developing yourself.

I, myself, update my profile and my website from time to time to reflect my evolution. 😁

We create awareness with our personal brand, how do we want our potential customers to perceive us?

The perception which is going in other people’s heads:

  • Can you help me?
  • Do I like you and your offer?
  • Do I trust you?

 As a solopreneur who’s marketing our services, we are building the muscle of our personal brand to leave an impact or an impression in people’s minds.

I have been in solo entrepreneurship for quite some time, and here are my sharing, how to use the personal brand in your message or marketing:

You attract your ideal clients with your Personal brand.

If your brand is a person, what are the positive traits that you portray in your brand?

Any celebrities and leaders do you admire and have similar positive traits like you?

I portray myself as someone who’s creative with words and visuals and uses metaphor to attract ideal clients who value creativity and imagination.

I portray myself as someone who’s nurturing, supportive, and resourceful to attract clients who are kind and loving and need support.

So, I’m creating messages which are creative and nurturing on my website and social media.

We attract our ideal clients who love our personality and our positive traits.

Communicate Your Values

I’m most happy to work with clients who share similar values like me such as Integrity, Respect, and Growth. Interestingly, I see my clients also like spirituality and love for learning which are my values too. So, what values in action do you want to communicate in your message? You can go to VIA strengths to know your character strengths to implement for your life, your work, and your personal brand.

I hope that you see your Personal brand as an expression of yourself, to express your values, and to grow stronger in your character. You help people to learn about you from your Personal brand.

Don’t be scared to present the real you to the world, authenticity is at the heart of success. Unknown

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