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Success Tips|Make Your Own Rules of Success and Happiness

You don’t have to depend on other people or circumstances to be happy or to be successful. You can make your success or happiness now by creating rules of success and rules of happiness.

Success and Happiness are like 2 in 1, they are inseparable.

Success is getting what you want and Happiness is wanting what you get – Dave Gardner.

Success Tips

If you are a Solo Entrepreneur and you are building your business; you will attract success and happiness by creating and living your rules of success and happiness daily.  These rules will create good habits in your life.  Get my gift, What is Coaching.  Please share in the comment below what rules you have created in your life.


There Is No SUCCESS Without Having These 5 Key Areas In Life

What does success mean to you? Many people are looking for ways to get rich quick by hopping from one opportunity to another opportunity and trying different marketing strategies.  Little did people know that success and wealth came from having a balance in life.  So, I’m going to share these 5 key areas in life which can bring a balance in your life. No success will be achieved without these 5 key areas in life. Find out of what are the 5 key areas:


Your Success Starts From You

Success Tips,  How to create your own success?

There are many people who are looking for success from the opportunities, programs and courses.  The common question that I often received, “Can I really make money from this opportunity/program?”  Of course, you can, if you join the right business opportunity, as long as the product is good and the company is legitimate. But, the opportunity alone will not bring good luck.  You may wonder if you work years after years with little or no result because you’re lacking in direction and guidance. What is the key factor to bring you success?  Your success starts from you. Create a goal for your own success. There are many people who go into business without any plan. They have a desire “I want to make money,” but they haven’t turned their desire into a goal.  If you want to create your success, start by creating your goal.  

Why do most people avoid of creating their goal? One of the reasons that they don’t want to create their goal is because they have limiting belief that stops them. Planning and setting your goal is a good exercise to design your own success in the future.  Don’t you want to be good at it, to take control of your own life instead of letting life to control you?

Please watch the video  success tips below and share your success tips too.


Success Tips, Don’t Be Afraid of Making Mistakes

Success Tips:

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Making mistakes is part of developing yourself and building your self-confidence. If you want to succeed, you can’t avoid from making mistakes. It’s okay to start from the beginner. Don’t let other people’s judgment stop you and don’t judge yourself, “I am not good enough.” How do you know that you are not good enough? How do you make a comparison? What would happen if you keep practicing and learning from your mistakes? You eventually become better in doing it, right? Making mistakes means you are still consciously incompetence, and you can improve from consciously incompetence to consciously competence and you can expand further to the zone where you will become unconsciously competence and acquire success habit.

success tips

If you see the examples of successful people, they had made mistakes before they succeeded.

What did Thomas Alva Edison say about failure? He said that he didn’t fail. He just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Colonel Sanders received rejections for his chicken Idea 1009 times and he had two years of driving across country alone, showing off his recipe before he heard his first yes.

I have joined three video challenges for practicing my presentation skill for the video. I also started from the beginner and I received feedback/reviews and encouragements during the video challenge.

When you were young, you were not afraid of making mistakes because you had support and encouragements from parents and teachers.

As you’re growing up, you avoid making mistakes. Even you’re an adult now, you still have your inner child. You expect support and encouragements from someone else such as your spouse, your friends, colleagues and community.

You seem independent now, but you’re not emotionally independent.

Coaching is designed to provide you with the support that you need. Not only a coach listens to you, but coaching is designed to develop your potential for excellence such as in goal setting.

 You can’t watch the video success tips, don’t be afraid of making mistakes and find out the best part after making mistakes: